Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hangin' In Kigali

I know I said I would talk about the gorillas and I swear I will get to it. Today is a hang out day in Kigali. Most of the days I have spent here in the city have been around a holiday so it has been crazy and hectic. Today is finally just a calm day around the city. A nice day to walk around and see some things I think. I know for sure I will try to go to the genocide memorial today. Other than the gorilla trekking it is the other absolute traveling to Rwanda. I am also hoping to do just a lot of reading, blogging, and coffeeing today.
Michelle, my sort of travel companion for the last week, had to depart for Kampala this morning. She is headed back to the states in a few days. We have been together for most of the last week and have shared a lot so she will be missed. But I did come here to go it on my own and that is what feels right. Funny she and I parted ways at the exact same table where I had met her. And I did go buy the book today that I had first struck up a conversation with her about. English books are pricey here but I really had to have the book. It is all about the President of Rwanda, Paul Kigame. He is considered by some to be very revolutionary in his ideas. Of course others hate him but you can't deny his successes when you see how far this country has come in just 10 or 15 short years.
I am off to walk and see what I see. Will blog more later.

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